What is Moonie Uni?

Moonlighting on the Internet University, or Moonie Uni as we call it, is a:
Comprehensive educational and support community where your journey to earning money online begins. We offer real education to teach you what works and real people to help you succeed. We are a monthly membership circle of friends and cheerleaders who seek to learn and grow together, with direct access to premium Moonie Masters and Mentors leading the way.


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We offer personal support with monthly LIVE Q&A’s, direct email access to your Moonie Mentor and much more. Moonie Uni is your school for success!


Here are just a few of the benefits you get:

Profit Path Profile Course: Free access to the one-of-a-kind Profit Path Profile Course, created by Shelby herself, where you will create your own Profit Path Profile that will help you to always make good decisions when deciding which paths make the most sense for you and your specific situation.

Moonies Make It Happen Kick Off Calls! with Shelby, Heather and the Moonie Mix.
Once you have completed the PPP Course, you get a personal call with our Moonie Masters to help you choose the path that you will start with. This call also helps to give you the right mindset that you will need to successfully launch your career down your specific Profit Path. At the end of this call, your starting path is chosen!


Moonie Mastermind: Each path has it’s own Moonie Mastermind that meets regularly. These masterminds are run by Moonie Masters & Mentors who are already successful in the paths that you have chosen. In addition to the mentors, these Path-specific Masterminds connect you with fellow like-minded Moonies interested in the same paths that you are.


Moonie Mentors & Masters: You get Unlimited Email Access to personally consult with your Moonie Mentors.


Moonie Momentum: Each path has weekly emails that help keep you moving in the right direction. Our members depend on this support to help keep personal and business momentum so that they don’t get distracted or unintentionally deviate from their goals.


Moonie Moments: Occasionally you will get emails that will have bite size information to help you win. This could be success stories from other Moonies, motivational encouragement, or tactics and business hacks.


Moonie Masters Webinar: Once a month we have a webinar that is designed to teach you things that you need to know to be successful. These webinars will be taught by some of the greatest Moonie Masters in our circle. These topics could range from Marketing to Mindset. While the topic will change, the extreme value never will!


Moonie Membership Webinar: Once a month we will have an open-ended webinar where we jump on the line with any members who wish to attend and we answer any and all questions that our members may have. We love these calls!


Moonie Marketing Toolbox: The Marketing Toolbox is a goldmine of it’s own. Here you’re going to find a TON of resources on how to market and scale your business. New trainings and content are being added all the time.


Moonie Community: You will get access to a private FB group exclusively for paid members of Moonie Uni. They say you become a reflection of the people that you surround yourself with. This is your opportunity to be surrounded by some of the best people you’ll ever meet.


Exclusive Discounts: Moonies get exclusive discounts on anything that we sell outside of Moonie Uni.
Pro Tip: When you buy a copy of Moonlighting on the Internet  you get 1 month FREE access to Moonie Uni.