Heather Sneed
Chief Reality Check

Super Powers – Conceiving and Implementing Search Engine Marketing Campaigns for Your Business.
Heather began working for Content Divas in 2008 as Shelby’s right hand, and eventually became so indispensable that she became in a full partner in the business in 2010. She has helped facilitate the growth of the company from a small content marketing provider to what is now a thriving full-fledged digital marketing agency, and in fact has morphed into another company as well, Ember Dragon, which handles large-scale digital marketing clients.
Managing a staff of more than 200 employees, Heather provides the highest-quality outsourcing and organic traffic-generation services on the internet. Her strength is in organization and creating systems in order for companies to scale efficiently. She is also a master with numbers and budgeting. However, her main role in the company is Chief Reality Check.
Working closely with Shelby this past year they have launched Ember Dragon, and are excited about the direction that it is taking, providing top-shelf marketing and consulting services to businesses all over the world. They are specializing in creating high-converting sales funnels for clients along with companion marketing plans.


Residing in the Pacific Northwest and the mother of three active children, she never stops moving and feels like the term “sanity” is relative. Her entire family enjoys dirt biking, hunting, archery, RVing, boating and most anything outdoors.
One secret passion is that she likes watching and researching the Tiny House Movement, and wants to build her own someday. A book junkie, she likes to decompress with a novel at the end of the day.
While frequently traveling, Heather has come to expect her family to prank her when she returns, like the time she came home to a jeep in the driveway and was told they had sold her car (which was actually parked 2 blocks away). Or the time they got chickens and bet how long it would take her to notice them in the backyard (2 days).
When you first meet her, though she may appear on the quiet side at first, you should remember that you always have to watch out for the quiet ones!