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HOLD UP! Not every Profit Path is ideal for every person. Take a few minutes to gain invaluable insight into which Profit Path will work best for you, instead of wasting time and money on work-at-home opportunities that aren’t suited to your strengths.

Take this assessment to find out the right path for YOU to successfully earn money while working from home.

Choosing a way to make money online without evaluating yourself and your personal circumstances first is like choosing which Olympic sport to compete in without first evaluating the athlete. It makes no sense!

What others are saying:

Moonlighting on the Internet is a must-read for anyone considering an online career. Through the “Profit Path Profile” process, Shelby demonstrates that there is no “one size fits all” approach and helps YOU tailor a path based on your skills, capacities, and time. This book is chock-full of tips and recommendations on everything you will need to set yourself up for financial success and personal satisfaction.”


Lucy Valentine Wurtz
Development and Marketing Director

“Shelby is the real deal. She doesn’t hold back. Says it like it is. In her new book, Moonlighting on the Internet, she lays out the roadmap to begin earning money on the web. Begin succeeding. I love that her ‘why’ is to help families… not buy a Ferrari, or a boat… but to help real people overcome real problems. No shiny stuff here. Just the facts and blueprints to begin this journey. If you do one thing for yourself this year: buy this book. If you can’t afford it, steal it. Read it. Follow it. I promise you won’t regret it.”

BRENTWBrent Weaver